Haddock Gone Wild

Served with two sides.
Add a tossed salad to any platter for only $2.89

Jumbo deep Fried Haddock: Hand-dusted haddock fillet  $14.99

Broiled Haddock: Topped with parmesan & cheddar cheese  $15.59

Broiled Haddock Marinara: Fillet of haddock topped with parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese and marinara sauce  $15.69

Broiled Haddock Scampi: Broiled haddock fillet topped with shrimp scampi, parmesan and provolone cheese  $19.99

Southwestern Haddock: Broiled haddock fillet topped with Southwest chili & cheddar  $16.99

Haddock Oscar: Broiled haddock fillet topped with Colossal Lump crab meat, asparagus spears and our special cream sauce. Served with sweet potato patty and a Caesar salad, no substitutions  $19.99

Parm and Jalepeno Haddock: Fillet of haddock crusted with parmesan cheese and jalapeno peppers  $15.99

No coupons or discounts to be used on Oscars or Colossals