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Wacky Mac and Cheese Burger

Our Wacky Mac and Cheese BurgerWACKY MAC & CHEESE BURGER, 6oz. Fresh ground Black Angus beef topped with lett, tom and our our own Mac and Cheese then drizzled with Chipotle BBQ sauce.

Captain’s Catch Fried Seafood Combo


cap catch 2


Our Captain’s Catch Fried Seafood Combo, deep fried hand-dusted haddock, deep cut golden brown shrimp and our Maryland style (no filler) crab cake.

NY Strip Steak Scampi


NY Strip Steak Scampi, our hand cut, black Angus, NY strip steak is cooked to your liking over an open flame. your choice of 8oz, 12 oz or 16 oz cut and served “topless” or with a variety of toppings.

Triple Cheese Burger


REALLY HUNGRY? Try our Triple Cheese Burger. Three 6oz black Angus steak burgers stacked on a fresh grilled roll and your choice of cheese and toppings.

Half Pound Colossal Lump Crab Cake

colossal 1


Our award winning Colossal Lump Crab Cake. A half pound of colossal lump crab meat [no filler] broiled to perfection served as a dinner or a sandwich.

Steak Pizziola

steak pizziola

Our Black Angus Ny Strip Steak, hand cut and cooked over an open flame. We can top your steak with a variety of toppings. Shown here is our Pizziola topped steak.

Attitude Burger

Attitude Burger


Our hand crafted Black Angus burger topped with sliced jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, crispy onion rings and our “flamin’ sauce”.

Wings? Yep, we do wings

Jumbo Hot Sweet & Gooey Wings


We use JUMBO whole wings, broast them to perfection and serve them “naked” or with your choice of sauce or seasonings.

Haddock Oscar

Haddock oscar

Broiled haddock topped with crab meat and asparagus, drizzled with our seafood cream sauce served with sweet potato patties and salad.


kong 1kong 2

Our 25 pound King Kong Burger will fill that hunger at your next party.

This “MONSTER BURGER” is large enough to feed 16+ people. Hand made at the Wrightsville Inn we ask for at least 3 days notice to build it.